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This wiki creates the world for the Aethra Campaign(s). The tags on each page should give you a guide to the use/purpose of each page.

Special Tags:
IC (aka In-character)
      The post is written by a character (PC or NPC). Your character has any knowledge from IC posts that you feel fits. It is up to the player to determine if material in IC posts is known by their player and to explain why.

  • For example, The Home Page has a short excerpt from a book by (NPC) Kai Cho’lu.

IC Info
      Similar to IC, but in this case the post isn’t written from an IC standpoint.

  • An example here can be the majority of information on history and government, such as The Great Schism. It’s general info that most of the population knows or can find out easily.

OOC (aka Out-of-character)
     The opposite of IC. Out-of-character (OOC) information includes items your character could not possibly know.

  • Such as how to create a character, the game mechanics used, Who the GM is, etc.

It is important to note that some pages will have multiple tags that seem contradictory. For instance a post may have both an OOC and IC Info tag. Look at Gods Blessed. The general IC info is listed, then the game context of Blessings is explained. Other tags exists, such as History, but require less explanation as to meaning.

Helpful links for starting will come soon.

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